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  1. Troy Barman

    Troy Barman

    I dont know if this was a bug or from contact i had but it was pretty unique. After i took a pitstop during a race a few laps after i noticed the truck was not braking not nearly as well it had been before and after a couple laps of almost running out of braking room i checked my brake temps and they were like 1100, 1000, 800, and 88. I've never experienced brake failure in an rfactor based game before and for it to only be in 1 wheel which i thought was pretty neat, but i had to hobble around for another 20 minutes which wasnt so neat.
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    Don't know, but was you experiencing with Mechanical failures? When I set Mech.Fail. to Time Scaled, than (race track 8 laps, race time n/a) I everytime ruined my brakes after few laps (ca. 5). Truck stopped braking and brake temp. felt down, even if I pushed brake throttle while driving. It was like brakes jumped out to ditch somewhere :)