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    Perhaps this belongs in the 'Mods' section; if so, feel free to move it there moderators. :D
    I've been messing with my .rcs file to get the most out of my FFB, and decided to play with the "FFB brake vibe wave type" and "FFB rumble strip wave type" .. I changed the brake vibe wave type to square wave, and the rumble strip wave type to sawtooth wave ... NOW, I totally swear I can feel the difference in the FFB forces/vibrations between those different causes. Very cool. Give it a try!! .. the brakes seem to feel more "chattery" and the rumble strips feel "sharper".
    Also, it is TOTALLY worth messing with the other settings in that file, if you haven't already. I've been referencing a document about it, which I've forgotten where I got it from. Very good information. .. I'll go ahead and upload it, but if any mods feel that's inappropriate feel free to delete the link I guess. ... this guide doesn't include anything about changing the waveforms, that's my own discovery :D
    (Credit where due, guide created by Julien Regnard) .. also, i converted to file to .txt from .rtf .. so any formatting or other weirdities in the file is my own fault, not Julien Regnard's

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    A couple of months ago I found this FFB Guide on Nogrip,and YES it completely changed my understanding of FFB,very ,very useful guide how to start set up your wheel step by step. :thumbsup:
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