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Interest Level in a Formula Renault 3.5 2014 League

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
I'm itching to do a FR 3.5 League season.
I want to ask the administrators if its possible but before doing so want to get some sense of the support it might have.

The car seems to be getting more popular in our community and others. Its challenging but still produces great racing (and closer than the 2010 car). I want RD to be the place to race this car.

Some initial concepts are:
Say 8 rounds best 6 count.( drop out rate etc). If we run weekly then 8 is easy. If we run fortnightly I suggest 6 is maximum. (it would be 12 weeks).

a) 45 minute races. One in a Weekly scenario or two races each fortnight. People seem to get bored or distracted so a short sharp weekly season over 8 weeks might be good. With one race its ok on a weeknight. As two don't count its ok for holidays etc. If we went for a fortnightly schedule then it could be on a weekend and run two races. Reverse start order for race 2 and 1/3 points.

b) Mixed weather in say 3-4 of the races.
c) Teams of two drivers so we have a WCC and WDC.
In F1 2011 this worked beautifully for a few reasons:
-Ranking and team creation:
We had a qualifying session and the drivers were ranked.
Say in a grid of 16 We paired #1 with #16 then #2 with #15 and so on to create a very even WCC.
*Then a drivers market opened to allow mates to join forces but they spent WCC points to join with a stronger driver than allocated. That way a super team had a points deficit. A weaker team had a points bonus so any team could win. I'll elaborate on this later.
-It created teamwork, introduced single drivers to team mates. It kept motivation as no one wanted to let down their team mate. We had a very immersive scenario where the #2 drivers were very focussed on beating the other #2 drivers. Teams can run a reserve driver if someone is absent.
Team skins encouraged!
d) Non points practice race in the build up week (Club Event?)
e) 2 weeks pre season of practice races to upskill, promote, get to know eah other.
f) Real trophy. ( I sourced this and sent to the WDC in F1 2011)
g) Assists-Auto clutch only. We can run TCS and Auto gears in the practice race.
h) Tracks -voteable.

Personally I am not an administrator here and have limited RF2 admin skills however I was a steward then head steward at the RD Xbox Codies F1 League for 3 seasons.
I was wondering if I said that while I can't make a mod or run the server I can do all other admin. This leaves others to make the mod and set up the server.

Jobs I can happily do.

Create and Run the thread
Handle voting on tracks and any other contentious issues.
Handle signups
Do some promotion (R Factor.net)
Handle questions
Keep the scores
Write the "Blown Diffuser" news paper for the league.
Deal with stewards enquirys.
Run drivers market*

If you would be very interested in signing up for such a league if it were to happen then please indicate below.
Below Ill steal Dennis list to ensure ppl see this.

@Jelle van der Knaap
@Jörn Horbelt
@Nicolas Delamare
@Martin Bulgin
@Sam McDonald
@Xavier Poirel
@Fabio Russo
@Dino Paolini
@Claes Axelsson
@James Bolton
@Nicolas Rouge
@Jakub Charkot
@Theo van den Brink

@Jordy Bonnet
@Gijs van Elderen
@Davy Vandevenne
@Marco Bijl
@Rui F. Martins
@Calum McLure
@Dennis Coufal
@Daiman Patel
@Xavier de Carvalho
@Andrew Ford
@Dewald Nel
@Bjorn de Haas
@Simon Christmann
@Giuseppe Di Vita
@Franklin Stegink
@Theo van den Brink
@Christian Michel
@Ricardo Edelmann
@Roland Nijl
@Patrik Saxen
@Jörn Horbelt
@Pedro Gomes
@Larry Thomas
@Rene Reiterer
@Stefan Woudenberg
@Dave Wild
@Richard Hill
@Alen Pecanin
@Andy Vandevelde
@Anestis Genidounias
@Rob Milliken
@Lou Sytsma
@Davy Lauwereys
@Simon Knight
@Genci Estebanez
@Joao Fernandes
@Matt Farrow
@Kevin Cox
@Matej Lakota
@Stefan Kanitz
@Daniel Hake
@Christopher Vrettos
@Leon Charmant
@Marcel Gerber
@Corrado Conti
@Josh Hoare
@Mike Bell
@Oscar Hardwick
@Kjell Eilertsen
@Frederic Schornstein
@David O'Reilly
@Ricardo Edelmann

I'm going to add here the drivers who signed up of raced last season.
If you are duplicated above I apologise.
@Bruno Sousa Ferreira
@Esteve Ruida
@Dan Marr
@Dino Paolini
@Ian Franssen (her Director in S3!)
@Sean Greenlaw
@Christopher Hall-Nelson
@Matt Sentell
@Rui F Martins
@kevin Macdonald
@Bob Luneski
@nicky De Fre
@Georgios Davakos
@Magnus Dahlgren
@jose Almeida
@David Boulianne
@Stuart Pickering
@Borja Ori
@Tamas Foth
@Ricardo Martins
@João Henrique
@Franklin Stegink
@Sean Greenlaw
@David Grönvalls
@David Jundt
@Pedro Martins
@Jake Adams
@Pedro Isento
@Teddy Buch
@Romain Langlois
@Arnaud Wafflard
@Cyril Compere
@April Dillon
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David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
Bjorn de Haas said:
8 gmt is 22:00 cet at mine time so i probably wont race this league.
I may have got this wrong. We're on BST here till Oct so 8pm BST is 7pm GMT. Which is 1 hr earlier for you. If it is midweek that is. I suppose that if weekend it can be a bit earlier.

David O'Reilly

A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.
The response has been encouraging. Thanks.
After last season with FR 3.5 2010 spec we want to ensure that we have good grids and good racing.
We are in a conversation with Staff about how we do that and mods and various settings are being tested.
I am on holidays till early next week with limited net access.
Next monday there is a test race to test some features we want to use in the league:

F3.5 2014 @ Sebring - Mon 18th Aug

New features:

Qually Q1 and Q2: 2x5min (super pole)
Server will divide to grid into 2 groups at random. So you'll be in Q1 or Q2 to do your hot lap.

Parc fermé: except: brake bias and pressure, fuel level and pit strategy and tires.
Note: If you didn't set a lap time during quali, everything is still open.

Reconnaissance time: 2,5 min total:
You'll start from your pit box and you'll drive to your starting position. You'll have 2,5 min to go to your starting postion.

You'll have 60 sec to exit the pit lane. If not: You'll start from the pit lane with cold tires.
After that: you still have 90 sec to drive to the starting grid on your own tempo to pre-heat tires, brakes, engine and to drive to your starting position. If you are not on your starting position in time, you'll be spawned on your spot in Neutral.

Flag rules:
Local yellows are active!!! (Slow down, be careful and don't overtake)
If there is a serious multiple car incident there is a safety car procedure possible.

Unsportsmanlike sensitivity: 0,4
If you hit someone in the rear you'll get a warning. if you hit someone to much you'll get a Stop/Go.
If you knock someone around you'll get a Stop/Go immediate.
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