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Interest for some casual cruises/races with mod cars/tracks?


Jul 21, 2014
I'm just loving the daily club/league races here at RD, thoroughly enjoying them and would take part in more if there were! But I'm also interested in driving some of the mod cars and tracks. There are some incredible mod cars and tracks available, but it's very difficult to find any servers with people in them. I'm wondering if there would be any interest in some casual races and cruises, organized here, with mod cars and tracks or otherwise? Like a group of us taking the Lamborghini Miura P400 SV or Ferrari 288 GTO around the awesome Lake Louise. Or a Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 up Transfagarasan. Or the Mazda 787B around Le Sarthe, or Zakspeed Escort MK2 GR.5 DRM on the Forest Rally track as a few examples, or karting around a kart track.
Thanks! :cool:



Oct 22, 2010
First of all, that's a very nice post. That sounds like a great idea to me! If only to appreciate the nice world that simracing (developpers and modders) offers to us, too often we're only going at full speed not appreciating the beauty of what we have at our disposal! :) Count me in if such events happen. I'll be totally keen to cruise and chill with the all the nice people the RD community has.

I also tried the Shelby Cobra around that location I didn't know, at sunset. Pretty cool indeed. The other tracks and cars you mentionned sound fantastic too! I hope we'll be able to set up something like that in the future.
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