Intel 'Lynnfield' Core i5 750 & Core i7 870 Reviews

Aug 26, 2008

Intel 'Lynnfield' Core i5 750 and Core i7 870
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Aug 26, 2008
i750 is a very good deal if you are wanting to upgrade now, heat & power is great and the power use is quite allot less then a Q6600 but at the same time being faster. £150 for cpu and about £110 odd for a mobo.

Abdul Al-Amry

2011 RD Indy 500 Winner
Jul 15, 2008
DDR3 Ram are very expensive.

Been pondering on upgrading to i7. What's the verdict between i7 and i5?

Simon Trendell

Feb 19, 2008
i7 - Triple Channel & Hyperthreading
i5 - Dual Channel & No Hyperthreading

There may be more differences but that's what I've figured so far.
Feb 19, 2007
new i7 on the P55 mobo (1156 socket, 8xx series) also uses dual channel
but i5 & new i7 (8xx series) uses less power than the current i7 and also has a better turbo mode
P55 mobo is a bit cheaper than the x58
i think you can say that the core i7 9xx is for heavy desktop application and the i5 and i7 8xx is more around for gaming

also Abdul here in Holland DDR3 from makers like corsair has been selling cheap....around 90 for 2x2gb dominator and around 120 euro for 3x2gb dominator series
Feb 19, 2007
lol well Damian you should say that again 3 years ago when I began buying parts and assembling my pc (with the back then brand spanking new core 2 duo E6600) together and a good 2*1gb DDR2 PC6400 from Corsair would cost 323 euro in those days
(and last year they were around 40 euro when I bought the same for my parents pc)
80 euro for 2 * 2gb DDR3 seems nothing now :)
Aug 26, 2008
I've allways been on a tight budget so look out for whats best at the lowest price.

You can get cheaper 2GB DDR3 ram though for around £40-£50 odd which is good,3gb about £60 odd for Kingston, so prices have come down allot and it is affordable for us on a tight restricted budget. Just harder to pay out for the full 6gb+ right now.