Installing the RSRBR 2009 / RSRBR 2010 Mod

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Andrew Evans

How To Install RSRBR 2009 Mod
  1. Install a clean, unpatched version of the game itself.
  2. Download and install the main mod (~1Gb) [also includes official patches 1.01, 1.02]
  3. Download and install update 04 (~185Mb) [also includes updates 01, 02, 03]
  4. Download and install update 06 (~62Mb) [also includes update 05]
  5. Download and install update 09 (~100Mb) [also includes updates 07, 08]
  6. Download and install update 09 corrective patch (~800Kb)
  7. Download and install update 10 (~48Mb)
  8. Download and install update 11 (~69Mb)
  9. Download and install BTB Stages 1 (~112Mb)
  10. Download and install BTB Stages 2 (~107Mb)
All downloads should be applied to your main RBR game directory.

It's recommended you defrag your drive after installation.

Warren Dawes

Mar 1, 2007
RSRBR 2010 Updates

It is highly recommended that all on-line users upgrade to RSRBR 2010, in fact I'd recommend all users of RSRBR 09 upgrade to RSRBR 2010.

I will try to keep this thread up to date with latest developments.

LATEST UPDATE is UPDATE 05 , released 19th July 2010; PATCH 01 for Update 05 released 31st July 2010

1. Full details regarding where to download RSRBR 2010 can be found here, as well as tutorials for installing and using RSCentre: Here

2. Please note the need to un-install RSRBR 09 and RBR first. You should re-install RBR and then install RSRBR 2010 over a clean installation of RBR. All RBR patches are included in the RSRBR 2010 installation.

3. Any Update patches can be installed over the existing RSRBR2010 Install.

Link to the Installation Tutorial is : Here

Windows Vista and Win 7 Users Please note:

You need to take some additional precautions when installing RBR. Here is a link (translated) to the additional Tutorial for Windows 7 and Vista: Here

4. Install the car packs. Which packs to install are optional (if you have limited storage capacity) but you may need most of them to join later on-line Rallys that will require specific cars. These will be advised in the Rally sign-up posts in the Racing Club.

Link to the Car Pack installation Tutorial is : Here

5. The Tutorial for using RSRBR 2010 is : Here

6. Please make sure that all update patches are installed (these may become available throughout the year).

Current Files required:

1. RSRBR 2010 Main Mod: Here

2.RSRBR 2010 Update 03 (Includes Update 01 and 02) : Here

3. RSRBR2010 Update 04: ( Does not include Updates 01, 02, and 03 ) Here

4. RSRBR2010 Update 05 and Patch 01: (Does not include earlier Updates) Here

5. Car Packs : Here

Please note: New updates for Car Packs have been added, 19th July 2010.

If you already have the full car pack installed, you can just add the individual updated packs found Here

Or you can add the full updated car pack found Here

If your desired Car Pack does not show in the list in RSCenter, then you need to download the latest Car Pack for that Class.
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