Installing Setups

Howdy, all. Just getting back into GTL after several years away from it, and now I find I cant remember how to install setups for cars and tracks! Age doesn't help in that regard, too! So, somebody, (Warren, Rupe?) can you help me. please?
Assuming you have it installed in Steam, you will need to install setups in the following directory location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GT Legends\UserData\Warren Schembri\Settings

Basically, go to the GT Legends folder, then go to UserData, then your profile folder, then the Settings folder. In there you will see folders for the tracks and that is where you install a setup.

Hope this helps :)
Many thanks for the comeback, Warren. As soon as I saw the string I remembered what to do! Incidentally, I didn't know there's another Warren around.....I was really thinking of Warren Dawes when I was writing the post! One's as good as another, I guess!
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