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    I'm very confused.
    General Rules document says
    "6.2 Any kind of utilities, editors or other tools not indicated in the Installation Guide which alter game performance, F-Key Aid usability, etc., are not allowed. Modifications, other than those mentioned in the Installation Guide, of any of the game files are considered cheating and shall be heavily penalized: exempt are modifications, which do not in any way alter the performance of the simulation, such as graphical elements. If you have a special request for a file edit, you must submit it to the Race Director for approval before use. The running of any software linked with cheating is forbidden and will be deemed equal to cheating, regardless of the purpose of use.

    11.4 The game must be run through the 'FSR Manager' software provided by the Administration in the
    Installation Guide."

    FSR Manager has been provided, but where is the Instalation Guide?
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