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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by CQTrackEng, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. CQTrackEng


    Having problems getting the BTB to run at all. Went through the mistake of trying it on a vista machine, now using this laptop with XP .
    Have downloaded DirectX 9c, think everything is OK, but keep getting these Unhandled Exception errors.
    Have attached a pic of the error message, and the zip file contains the dxdiag report.
    I am not a computer guy!

    We have just got approval to build a real kart track, and I want to use Bobs track builder to show people what it is going to be like.

    Can anyone help

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  2. Nobby76


    using btb with vista isnt an issue.. ive been running btb just fine on vista for ages now. only time ive had btb crash was when i tried to make it do something dumb. Altho that was an unhandled exception error, it cleared itself up next time i started btb
  3. CQTrackEng


    Well Nobby76, your response was as handy as a half inch string, but thanks
    ...still don't know how to run this bastard program...
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