Inquiry: Software workflow for base terrain and track creation?

Ray Tracer

Original poster
Feb 20, 2018
This realm is crawlin' with rocket surgeons.... :) I'm trying to establish a most sensible workflow for track creation and terrain around it...... with several years in hand-drafting and AutoCAD 20xx use in land development plans, and also a reasonable proficiency with 3DStudio MAX, terrain creation, and texturing, I'm thinking of a process like.....
1. Create terrain in 3DS.
2. Create centerlines (CL) of roads in AutoCAD
3. Merge CL with terrain in 3DS, modifying terrain to accommodate offset CL for roadway edges, etc..... most likely using Booleans and such, selection sets based on materials, etc.
(AutoCAD output and import to 3DS is incredibly well-behaved..... with decades of DXF's cantankerous behavior in other softwares, it's "the way" for me, anyway)

I'm guessing FBX is the ultimate output for use in Track Builder....... I guess the question is if AutoCAD and 3DS are redundant; if the entire job can be done with Bob's Track Builder and a texture creation tool like Photoshop?

thanks much in advance.... I'd be very pleased to get pointers to relevant resources in lieu of technical advice...... a big part of getting started is knowing what to search for..... and what not to do, of course:)