Tracks Inishfree Island Raceway - My first track!

Tomo Pattison

Trailer Park Supervisor
Nov 21, 2016
Hey everyone!

My name is Tomo, I've been a bit of a lurker on Race Department but I've become addicted to browsing it's community everyday in work so I thought it was about time I got properly involved on here. I'll be going premium for sure when pay comes in! Amazing to find a forum still active in the days of Facebook - love it. Anyway, on topic.

So this is my first go at making a track. I previously uploaded my Clio Williams skin pack I made for fun and was overwhelmed by the response. I wanted to make something more for the community and had an inkling to have a go at a track.

Set on an island off the coast of Donegal, Ireland, it's meant to be 60s themed, but then I took an interest in making it an abandoned track. I'll likely do a version that's clean as if it was new too, but I liked the idea of it seeming left to die. Ruined billboards, rusty frames, that sort of thing.

I've played about with RTB to try and get it to work before, so I waited til I had at least a rough idea of what I'm doing before broadcasting the idea. I want to polish it up with Blender which is new to me though. I've used Fusion 360 and 3DS Max a fair bit when I was in uni so I'm hoping that Blender is much the same or at least easy to pick up if you've experience in those. I see there's a lot of support and tutorials for Blender out there so it should be grand!

Here's the island and the layout. I've been making and finding some textures and things for it, for billboards and a logo for the track. I'll post some progress pics as I go along. Expect a good mix of elevation changes, twisties and straights, with a crash into the sea if all goes wrong!

I'll likely ask for help as I go along as this is my first time trying, but hey ho :)




Billy Pilgrim

Mar 25, 2014
Great looking project! Good luck with it.
I don't know of other Irish tracks available in AC - this would be very welcome.