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Info for Formula Nippon mini-series ???

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Klyde Parker, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. Klyde Parker

    Klyde Parker

    The rFactor schedule shows an formula nippon race this sunday. When you click on the link to get info... the results are a little thin on details, LOL.

    " This event occurs every 1 week(s) on Sunday
    15th November 2009 to 6th December 2009
    12:00 to 12:00 "

    Umn, might be nice to know: What is track? What is Mod's version?

    Let me know, cause it sounds like FUN !!!
  2. Ryan Callan

    Ryan Callan

  3. Klyde Parker

    Klyde Parker

    maybe put the forum link in the schedule link so that is "plain & clear" to everybody?
  4. Ivo Simons

    Ivo Simons

    Usually there is a link. Don't know what's wrong. :)
    But we see you tomorrow at Sugo? :wink2:
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