IndyCar: Iowa 300 at Iowa Speedway

Yes i know it's almost one week ago but since nobody else has created
a thread about that race until now and given that i'd like to talk about it
sooo bad i decided to do the "dirty" work.

First of all, for all people who haven't seen the race yet, a few links:

This is a 30 minutes recap of the race on the official Youtube site.

And here is the full race!!! OK the last 50 laps or so are missing for a
strange reason and it's in Portuguese but so what?
And typically this brazilian channel uploads all races in full lenght
sometimes a few hours but mostly a few days after the race either on
Youtube or on their Facebook site.;)

Then i have to say I LOVE IndyCars on short tracks, and if Richmond
is indeed added to the calendar next season then we'll have 3 of them
again after the loss of Phoenix this year and the series needs even more
short tracks in the future because they are fun to watch. Maybe New
Hampshire or Milwaukee or even Martinsville?

To the Race itself: Due to the rain delays the race turns into a TRUE night
race, and despite that there were still surprisingly a lot of people at the track.
As predicted the Penskes dominated most of the race. Especially Newgarden
is so strong at Iowa, he, Penske and Chevrolet are a nearly unbeatable
combination on this track, so another win for him this season. What do you
guys think, is Newgarden now the biggest favorite for the championship,
especially after the recent upgrade of the Chevi engines? Sometime during
the race in Iowa the top 5 were running Chevrolets, they have clearly the
strongest engine now and have an advantage over Honda on Ovals.

Also noteworthy: Scott Dixon. Came from way behind (a lap down) to finish
somehow (once again!) on the podium. I don't get it. How the hell this guy is
doing such stuff over and over again is beyond me.
Alex Rossi. Have you seen his save(once again)? Dude has awesome skills
without any doubt, onboard cams of him are always a joy to watch.
Santino Ferrucci. TWO fantastic moves where he passed 5,6,7 cars on the
outside in one corner.
Sage Karam. Probably was his last race of his Indycar career outside the
Indy 500 i assume.
Marco Andretti. ==> nothing to see<==:p

Next race this upcoming weekend: Honda Indy 200 on the great Mid-Ohio
SportsCar Course, the third race in three weeks.
Yeah Mid-Ohio was awesome but i don't think i'll create
a new thread about it. Seems like nobody is interested
to talk about IndyCar anymore on RD and Paul Jeffrey
"forgot" to create a discussion thread since the Texas race.
But the most of these threads were dominated by a certain
"IndyCar fan" called creamy corn crop anyways who likes
to express his opinion on EVERY occasion so most of them
have been unfortunately unreadable.;)