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IndyCar | F1 Outcast Romain Grosjean Secures Coyne IndyCar Seat


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Out of curiosity what is the brand of his steering wheel please ?
The direct drive is from Fanatec but the wheel isn't.
Cube controls, probably an older Formula steering wheel as the CSX2 does not look identical

You could ask RG on twitter.
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I think referring to Grosjean as an "F1 outcast" is a little inappropriate. He was never rejected from the sport or ostracised from it - which is what an outcast is - as he spent 10 years in the sport.
I don't think you could call Grosjean and outcast unless you consider Hulkenburg and Kobayashi the same way.
Max Chilton 2.0

Nice to see all the encouraging words here, but this has failure written all over it.

His first rolling start should be quite the adventure.
He's probably a better driver, but Danica Patrick leaps to mind as a good example of this.

And Franchitti, Villeneuve, etc. Around 2008-2009, some Indycar drivers tried to switch to NASCAR because that was where the sponsors were, but most failed, unless they raced on road courses. They simply couldn’t get used to heavier cars and completely different setups,
"Ovals is only for people who can't remember which corner goes in which direction. "


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