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Indie Games Foundation (Looking for early interest/help)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Pangaea, May 29, 2013.

  1. Pangaea


    Hey race fans.. Ive not been posting much on racedept much of late been so busy with other things. I frequented Bobs Track Builder forum quite alot and made a bunch of tracks even ran a chatroom for a while related to it. I do now however find myself in the off topic section of the main race dept forum and thought It might be an ideal place to announce an idea Ive been working toward.
    I am essentially in the early stages of setting up things ready to start building a community of like minded folks who have interested in the indie game scene, indie game development, and a general interest in games/development

    I'm still a while away from promoting this proper, but i thought to post here in one of my old haunts since I know its likely there may be... 1. people interested in indie games, and 2. people who are or would be interested in making games (based on the fact that there's a good few modders on the forum)

    At this stage it would be nice to build up some early members, so if your in anyway interested in helping me found a new community or even help out with other things like forum moderation/ website comment moderation / blog moderation /, .. then writers, bloggers, game play youtubers, game reviewers , people working on their own projects, people looking to work on projects..etc etc

    have a quick look at things as they are.. tho bare in mind there is sill a few weeks of work to do on everything

    the forum, blog, chatroom are up and running but still need to be tweaked and added with more features.
    Thats the general gist of things.. at least for now

    take care all


    (PS. Racedept mods/admin) I was aware there is a "games" sub forum here, but from glancing at the posts in there it seemed related more to games, as in playing them.. This thing is more of a community project that will focus alot on development and promotion of projects... so i though the general root area might be more apt.. do move it if you feel its not so appropriate for the main general area.)