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Increase FFB?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by oneWonders, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. oneWonders


    How do i increase the FFB? It is very light.

    Previously, with logitech wheels, i can just increase it above 100% on the wheel, but with a fanatec gt3 rs, i canot do this and it is a bit lighter than i would wish for.

    Does anyone know of any ini files or anything where i can increase it beyond the in-game maximum?

    Also, i read some time ago that there are some bugs or something in the rbr ffb and that you must do something to overcome them, but i never quite found out what?

    Thanks for your help :)
  2. Senad Subasic

    Senad Subasic

    Whoops, sorry, missed this post. Not that I'll be of much help, but I'll at least bump it :)

    Anyway, the only FFB related thing I remember is to delete Constant Force Multiplier line (or something along those lines) from your RichardBurnsRally.ini file.
    Not sure what it does; it actually sounds like something you could use to increase FFB, you might want to experiment with that one.
  3. WorkerBee


    Unfortunately Senad is wrong here.

    The ConstantForceMultiplier parameter is not being read by RBR, hence has no effect.

    Same goes with "WaitRetrace".

    These are orphan parameters which did not make it into the final release.

    Basically there is no way to increase the FFB forces, other than tweaking by means of the appropriate profiler (e.g. Logitech).
    No known bugs in RBR related to FFB, patch 1.02 addresses any issues.
  4. Warren Dawes

    Warren Dawes

    I've just returned home after being away for a while.
    I did a search and found these tips buried in our Forum, so maybe these include the info you were looking for.
    Definitely you should do step 2. Not sure if it helps FFB but I'm advised it is necessary to improve controller response with a wheel.

    If you modify the Physics file as per item 4, it will increase FFB. However, I haven't found it necessary with my Fanatec GT3. Also, please note that it will only work with default RBR, if you use RSRBR2012, the Physics file is rewritten to default RSRBR settings to prevent on-line cheating.

    1.Go into your RBR folder, usually located in C:/ProgramFiles/SCi Games/RBR and find the file RichardBurnsRally.ini, open this up in notepad, and delete the top line that says ConstantForceMultiplayer = ... (wise to make a backup of this file just incase it doesn't work for you).

    2.Rename PC_Inputfilter.ini to PC_Inputfilter.bak or delete completely.

    3.When ingame turn under filter settings, on steering filters turn curvature off on both lines and also turn Fade off. Do this for digital filters too.

    4. If still not enough FFB open the Physics.rbz with winzip and extract the file physics.lsp. Open this with notepad and search for the line (CTRL+F) MaxFFTorque. Default is 130 i think, for more FFB set to a lower number, i have mine on 90.

    Press CTRL+S to save then open the physics.rbz file up again and import/drag the new physics.lsp into physics.rbz

    I use a GT3 wheel and find the FFB pretty strong.
    I have my FFB Strength setting in RBR Options at about half way, anything more seems too much for me. I then adjust / fine tune the FFB using the wheels setting adjustment on the wheel (the led settings). Under FFB I use 30% but if you want more, just increase it there.
    For RBR, I also find the GT3 wheel too stiff / heavy for quick reactions to oversteering etc, so I have to use some Drift Setting (usually about 003). This lightens the wheel.

    Hope this helps a bit.

    EDIT: As noted by WorkerBee above, make sure you have RBR Official Patch 1.02 installed.
  5. WorkerBee


    Well, I do not agree with the physics thing.

    1) this changes the predefined physics and may be considered as cheating
    2) this does not necessarily increase the FFB properly, as my tests revealed (I did know the trick, but did not want to make it public once again). I had the impression that the overall FFB feeling gets worse or at least kinda weird when tweaking it that way.
  6. oneWonders


    Ok thanks everybody!
    I had already done everything you said, apart from the editing of physics.lsp MaxFFTorque.

    I suppose it would be good if RSRBR added a config option to set the MaxFFTorque, consider you say it writes to it when it runs. Then there would be no problem :) It seems like a similar parameter to how you set the ffb strength in gpl.

    It's not toooo bad how it is atm anyway - so I might just leave it, I just wondered if there was anything I hadn't spotted.

    Thanks for the info :)
  7. FerrariMan96


    I've just thought of something - what rotation/lock are you running on your wheel? I'm fairly sure that the less amount of rotation you have, the higher the FFB strength gets...

    On my G25, I think I have the profiler set up to run with something like 360º or 400º in RBR, rather than the full 900º. In rally, you need to be able to change direction quickly, and in any form of racing you really don't need 900º IMO - that's perfect for TDU :)

    Anyway, so on your GT3RS, what rotation are you running? Luckily for you it's very easy to change the lock as you go with that nice little display Fanatec have :)
  8. Tony Gentile

    Tony Gentile

    does this wheel have a type of profiler like the logitech g27 ???;)
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