In my search for motion I found this kickstarter simulator


I currently own a 8020 / Alu-rig and do have some thoughts about adding motion to the rig.
For that I have looked at websites of companies like Frex, Prosimu and SimXperience.
I also looked for different DIY solutions described on the website of x-simulator. There I stumbled on a new simulator called the 'RacingCube' :

I think it looks nice and especially their way of implementing traction loss looks like a blast;
with other motion products the length of the traction control seems to be (too?) short to me.
On the other hand the traction loss on the RacingCube looks it could end up winding my PC-cables around the simulator.

What do you think of it?


there's a thread with the Creator over on He's a good guy and its still in development and still lacks the safety requirements to get this really into production.

The Software will be Exactly what I use on my Rig, SimTools.

And here's a litlte quote from the Creator

"The sway and surge is 2.5 m to each side. The final range is not decided yet and will be determined with final approval, and the user will then be able to choose a range going from zero to maximum range. I did not mention any sensors, but this will also be decided with final approval.

Siluro80, he isn't simulating Traction loss but rather YAW, which is kinda different in many aspects.


This is so sweet!!!!!!!

If I go far enough in racing I would like to get a force dynamics. 401cr..

But have to say this seems sort of similar ??
Just found out that fasetech, the company behind the racingcube, started a reddit page for answering questions concerning their simulator:

It appears they are now planning to fit proximitysensors to ensure more safety.:thumbsup:

@Moxley6969: Could you tell something more about the difference between simulating traction loss and YAW?

@Tsfc: that was also my first reaction; the 'poor man' alternative of the force dynamics 401.;)
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Umm this is NO where close to a FD401. Completely different design.

The proximity sensors were a Suggestion from one of the Xsimu guys.

Yaw is the Physical Rotation of the car at the center point and doesn't emulate the Traction loss you would think it might, Traction loss requires an Algorithm. Watch the screen and the Motion of "yaw" you'll see how it doesn't really match up properly. The car in game isn't really Loosing traction but the Rig is Twisting like it is. So therefor it will be a Very weird sensation to try and catch slides and such.


Yeah man, sort of similar is what I said. As in, it rotates..

Most sims don't account for rotation no?


That's all I meant. The FD401cr is top flight bit of kit and one of only 2 systems I actually like!
I totally agree with you that this simulator is not nearly the same as the FD 401CR. But concerning rotation, this Cube is the first one I found offering this functionality besides the FD. That`s why my first impression was as described.

As being Dutch, I am always on the lookout for bargains. ;) I would love to have all functionality of the 401CR packed in a package, priced like the RacingCube. But I know that is and will be impossible.

I am still a little bit lost about the traction loss; when I look at seat movers the traction loss is mostly done by a pivot point underneath the front of the rig and a 3th actuator moving the rig from left to right. Would the wheel in front of this Cube not be able to do the same when using the same settings or alogarithms as for the 3th actuator on a seat mover?


Tsfc, Games normally have YAW being outputed, but its technically wrong to use Yaw for TL, Therefor the need for an Algorithm to make thing's work as they should.

Yes Technically Siluro, But Look at where the "Cube" rotates from, Right under the pivot. Not at the front tires like IRL. Add in the fact that its Rotating when the Car hasn't lost Traction but is only "leaning" on that side of the suspension which can lead to some Very miscued motion.

Again Most of this can be solved with a Finely tuned profile, but Just getting across the point that the Rotating for TL isn't ideal.
Hi Moxley,

when I look at their kickstarter website, I see that you will have the oppertunity to change the placement of the wheels on the back.
- Whith the inclined setting the sim rotates under the pivot (as described by you)
- With the paralled setting the center of rotation is between the back of the wheels.

Based on your last post, I assume that the second setting is better for achieving traction loss?
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