In-game textures swapped

I think the screenshots explain it all. The one from BTB is what it's supposed to look like. The models were made in SketchUp 6, if that helps.
I think I know the problem - there is texture#.jpg, and texture#.png. How these can get swapped I don't know, as they are different file formats. The tram was not made by me, and they are the jpeg textures. I prefer PNGs, to be honest.

I need a solution, not a suggestion as to what the problem is, because I already know. I just don't know how to fix it.


R Soul

I remember someone saying that if rFactor sees fname.jpg and sees fname.png, it'll always use the .png. So the solution should be for your objects to use something other than 'fname' regardless of the extension.
OK, so how can I do that? It's obviously not a simple solution as renaming the files after export. I need a tried and tested solution, not one that "might" work.
Is there something in SketchUp 6 that will let me change the name from XXXX#.png to YYYY#.png (# is the number 0, 1, 2 etc).

R Soul

You can do it in BTB via the Venue Materials window. For each conflicting pair of textures, rename a copy of one of them, then use Venue Materials to find the relevant material(s). At the very least they'll be sorted by which XPack they are in. Once you've found a material, click on it and then select the Textures tab and then the Load button. Once that's done you should delete the previous texture. The wrong texture(s) will still be left in your rFactor track folder, so it's best to export your track with all checkboxes selected to clear out old files.

Although that will work in my opinion it's not a good solution. If you wanted to load the object into another project you might have to mess with the venue materials again. I don't have sketchup so I don't know how to point models to different textures, but I'm sure it can be done.
Can that be explained in n00b language? I'm fairly experienced with BTB (a few months) but I don't have a clue what you're on about. I found the Venue Materials window, and that's it.
It sounds like it will work, so I'll give it a go once I can get my head around it.
OK, don't worry. I figured it out.:woot:

For those who are having the same problem:
Go to BTB/My Projects/XXXX/XPacks and find the XPack with the dodgy objects. Extract it to a folder with the same name. For example, george will be extracted to BTB/My Projects/XXXX/XPacks/george st . Then follow R Soul's instructions.
And you have to delete george

I saw that BTB had a habit of exporting things that didn't exist, for example texture1.png was copied, renamed to mcd.png, and the original deleted, but both were exported. Just delete the old textures out of the track folder, making sure they aren't used by other objects/roads/terrain/other random stuff, and you're good to go!
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