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In game anti aliasing improvements wanted

Hi All

Now that we have AMS2 and ACC, what used to be great graphics are now average due to us being spoilt by the rather lovely rendering of the tracks in the later games.

Generally I think the quality of the AC tracks is really nice and some of the aftermarket tracks are truly great, but one thing that I have not been able to tame that lets it down are the jaggies. I was thrashing round the Kyalami circuit yesterday in the great F312T4 mod, but I kept on being distracted by the jagged lines of the power cables and the kerbs. Subjectively they are a bit worse on this track than some others, but they are noticeable on most tracks.

I have everything turned up to max (or at least I think I have) on the graphics card, framerate is not an issue so I want to know what else I can do to improve it. The monitor resolution is 2560 x 1080, which as stated above gives really nice graphics with ACC and AMS2, so while I accept that a higher resolution monitor will help, clearly there is posible improvement.

So, what can be done to help this?

By the way, I have the SOL mod running as well


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CSP adds some better post processing anti aliasing options. Have a look in the options for CSP in content manager and you will find a bunch of possibilities like CMAA which on high quality can do a lot for the jaggies. I still utulise MSAA 4x om VR since its one of the better methods for a game like AC but as CSP adds more and more lighting features more artifacts appear so it is worth checking out the extent of the post processed AA. CSP really is just modernising the entire engine and what you can do with it.


Sometimes higher is not better, especially as shadow quality is concerned. You need it to be set matching your resolution+fov, not just the highest available option. Although for power cables it's more likely just plain not enough AA/AF.
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Downsampling can help here a lot if you can handle the fps loss (you said you can).
Earlier with my old Full HD Res. Monitor i downsampled AC @ 2k.
It looked superb and helped a lot with Aliasing.

After the change to 21:9 AC is the only game which was really looking better before.

Another thing is - within the graphics driver activate in Transparency Antialiasing 2xSSAA or even 4x SSAA. This will kill some fps too, but give another big visual upgrade.
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I had been using forced SGSSAA via nvidia inspector until CSP implemented TAA.
Hands down one of the best TAA's I've ever seen in any game!

With 4x SGSSAA I still had jaggies on shadows, kerbs and other thin things.
The pixel crawling of the shadows in front of you on the tarmac were the most annoying.

There's also "Cable Antialiasing" now.

Here are the settings:
CSP Version: 0.1.71 (0.1.72 has new interior reflections and I really don't like that look!)

Extra FX: active (not by default)
-> Temporal anti-aliasing: active

Track Adjustments: active
-> Cables AA

Here's a quick comparison with only 2x MSAA vs 2x MSAA+TAA. As you know, standstill pictures look 1000x better than in motion. I can tell you, without TAA the cobblestone-reflection-shimmering is killing my eyes!
But actually, you can see it best with the Cables:

Full pictures:

With TAA:

Without TAA (but Cable AA):

Without TAA and without Cable AA:
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I just use the standard AAx8 and AFx16 in the AC video options. Turn off FXAA.

Turn off the CM AA variants in CM Graphics Options. All blurry.

Enable ExtraFX and enable TAA. Mess around with the settings of this for best effect for you.

Didn't know about the Cable AA.

Never had to use the Nvidia Control Panel settings as I am happy with in game settings.

Resolution can play a big part especially if you have Nvidia and can run some DSR resolutions higher than native monitor. You just need to balance resolution against performance.