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Misc Improved AI for San Francisco GRiD 2019-10-13

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MeltFire submitted a new resource:

Improved AI for San Francisco GRiD - New AI files for San Francisco GRiD Beta 0.6

Updated,, ai_hints, and side boundaries for San Francisco GRiD (Beta 0.6 - by CHiQuiFReaKy)

I have tighten the wall boundaries on the first chicane. It's improve, but not perfect. Faster open wheel and GT cars may still struggle on the first chicane and uphill jumps. Especially during the staring lap. After the initial laps the AI lap times is much more consistent.

AI lap time results
Shelby Cobra 427 - 2:38:960
Ferrari 488 GT3 - 2:18:392
Ferrari SF70H - 1:46:107...

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If this works and makes the track usable in weekend mode, I will be very pleased. Trying it now. Thank you so much!
Any possibility of making the track work for about 20 AI in the future, you think?