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importing THE TRACK to btb?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by toniovodka, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. toniovodka


    hi all, i really like this software but i really hate the way you have to merge multiple tracks to create multiple layouts, is it posible to make the track in another program like 3dsmax and import it to btb so you can use it as a track instead of an object?, i probably wont be able to edit the track but could be a problem making the grid garages and driving lanes
  2. mianiak


    You can export the track as .x (save as a new project and remove everything but the track) then import .x into blender/3dmax/etc, remove unwanted faces and weld the vert's together, then export as 3ds and import into btb as an object. But, you will have problems lining things up properly, there is no snap-to function in btb and its nearly impossible to line it up 100% correctly.

    The best thing to do it leave it till the last thing and then use 3dmax or simed to clean it up, then export it. Or you can do it any time, and keep a backup of the exported gmt's so each time you export from btb you just copy and replace the track. But if you edit the track, you will have to open it back up in max or simed and clean it up again.
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