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  1. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    As we are about to start a new season, I will quickly go through our racing guidelines, express version :)

    We race by the same rules as f1, with one vague distinction. We don’t wish to confuse our competitors; we want to be as predictable and safe as possible. As a consequence you will be very easy to slip stream (as no weaving or unclear moves are allowed), but you can expect the same treatment in return.

    If you are being followed (slip streamed) you need to stick to the racing line (not the middle of the road) until you decide to make a defensive move. If you make this move (only one allowed as in f1) you want to make it in safe time before the braking zone and in a smooth and controlled manner.

    The more predictable we are to each other, the better we read the situations and the harder we can fight without incident.

    If you gain an unfair advantage you need to give it back (in a safe way). Eg. if you spin the car ahead, you need to wait for him to pass you again (but not necessarily immediatly, it must be done safely). However, if he is badly damaged there is no point in you ruining you race as well, so use common sense in those situations :)

    Also, remember to wait for a green light before crossing the pit exit line when the qualify starts.

    If I have forgotten something, or if anyone disagree with something I have written, please write a post. If not, please agree to this post.

    EDIT1: The weather forecast is still valid, I'm using the weather file Daniel sent me 14 days ago :thumbsup:

    It is the driver coming through eau rouge’s responsibility to check that the pit exit is clear, if it is he may cross the pit exit line. If not he naturally needs to give room.

    When exiting the pits one are not allowed to brake the pit exit line regardless of oncoming traffic. If there is oncoming traffic he should stick to the right side of the road until otherwise is safe.
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  2. Nicolai Nicholson

    Nicolai Nicholson

    I forgot one; lapping cars:
    Slower car:
    Don't do anything unpredictable. If you want to move off the racing line, do it before the faster car has caught up with you. If the faster car has caught up with you, allow him to make the move. Try to treat everybody the same way.

    Faster car:
    Be patient and safe. Remember that it is you who have better control in the situation, and it is better to lose 2 seconds than to have an incident.
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