Importance of delta time display position in racing

Kennett Ylitalo

Oct 23, 2008
Made this image for a friend and why not share it here.. It's relevant.. The importance of delta time and it's position.


All F1 drivers have it. It's one the most important pieces of info they need and they need it often.. It would be situated elsewhere if they wouldn't not need it. It is as important as red rev range lights.. I would rate it the second most important information.

FIrst: (no affiliations), install XD, follow site instructions.

I got a xd.ini that has delta, just above the steering wheel in F3000 (uppermost two seating positions, after that it starts to block wheel, it's transparent window so it doesn't matter if it's even lower, but i doubt many use very low seating positions as that does not affect center of gravity.....) It's for 1980px wide resolution and 65-75 FOV.

It's easy to change only Y axis if you got 1980 resolution in you monitor (triplescreeners, you are so fortunate that figure out yourself, grrrr.. :devilish:) The X axis is the hard one but it's correctly centered in this. So if you like to change it lower or up somewhere, it's easy to just change Y axis.. If it's not perfectly centered, let me know (it's calculated but it could be possible to have 1 pixel error as one has to guess the XD delta time window width...).Also if you got improvements or you find a suitable location for certain car class, please, share it with us.

Make a backup from you xd.ini before installing mine to Race07 root folder (Steam\steamappa\common\Race07)
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