I'm a little lost

Can someone provide a link to something that explains some of the stuff in the game?

I did my first woeful race in Australia and finished in 21st and some things happened that I didn't understand.
At one point, my car status pane is basically blank with just the ! indicator above it lit. I have no indication of tire wear, engine status, etc. What does that mean? As a matter of fact, what do all of those icons above the car graphic mean?
At another point, I'm driving along and get this notice that the Safety Car has come out. Suddenly I'm in a car that's flipping and rolling and crashing and then I'm back in my car. I'm told to catch up to the queue, but I was never able to do that. On several occasions the computer apparently took over my car or gave me a ghost image of it and said it would be "returning control" in a few seconds. It told me I was going too slow (hey! I'm a senior citizen who accidentally got on the freeway, you know).
I'd really like to learn a little more here. Where do I go to get info?


Maybe your game is messed up as mine runs fine, I practiced and practiced in Melbourne until I could get in the top ten in a Torro Rosso, but be careful not to do more than one lap on your tires in Qualifying otherwise you will start the race with worn out tires.

So start Career again and use Melbourne as your practice track.

In practice do as many laps as you can, and in qualifying just do a flying lap and go to "Session Options" select "Return to Garage" this will take you back to the garage without further tire wear.

For a beginner try using amateur, then have the braking assist "very low", "abs" on, traction control "on" and "steering assist" off. When in the car setup screen, go to brakes and set the forward to 47% rear to 53% and brake pressure to high. Don't worry about all the other setting until you get past amateur AI level.

I used to roar up to the corners, slam on the brakes and then try and roar off again, this is not the way to do it, you must slow down before the corner, hit the apex while accelerating out of the corner, once you get the hang of it your lap times will come down, I cut nearly ten seconds a lap off mine in a week.

Here's a quick rundown on what career involves:

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I find the trueachievements info valuable. Most of my questions have been answered by going back in time to the orginal F1 game and reading the rules there and on subsequent versions.
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