I'll have to start with an apology.



For the life of me i can't find any help online for the first of the GTR games released in 04 i believe? So i thought i'd try the next best thing, you guys, who are racing on GTR2.

I have to say that the manuel provided with GTR is terrible in that it gives no help at all with setting up a car. I'm about to throw the game out the window because i cannot for the life of me setup a NG class Ferrari for the Donnington track that doesn't suffer from over steer at the rear wheels, and any time i do get close to something with a decent rear stability i end up with under steer.

Can anyone offer any help?


The car is now alot more stable and lap times have slowly been coming down. So again thanks guys for the help!

Eric Nelson

Jan 14, 2009
:veryhappy:Don't ya just love RD! where else will peeps help ya go faster and no messy contracts or long term committments to sign!:drool: