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If you're on the fence, get on-board!

I'll say this upfront - I really enjoy rFactor2. I was pretty happy to stick with that and buy Assetto Corsa a bit later, but last night I decided to take advantage of the early access discount for AC. I would highly recommend anyone on the fence to do the same!

This game is truly awesome. The cars are beautiful and feel great, the tracks are fantastic and the overall layout of the game is really fresh. Particularly enjoying the Pagani Zonda R and the P4/5 at the moment. Kunos have truly outdone themselves!

No point debating whether AC is better or worse than rFactor2, just embrace the strengths of both. Looking forward to racing with everyone when multiplayer becomes available!

(PS - If you're reading this Kunos, wouldn't mind the Z4 GT3) ;)
The downfall to spending so much time with AC is that other sims begin to feel quite dated. I basically have no desire to play RBR or rF1 anymore because attempting to run laps feels like I'm playing a Windows 98 game.