If interested in how the second Australian Fanatec DD1 Auction went


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Oct 23, 2017
I was one of the winners last night (in fact or unit 1) of the first lot that were auctioned before it was reset and restarted last night - it went for significantly higher RRP (the Auction add clearly stated all would go for significantly below RRP).

The issue with the first lot of auctions caused there to be a delay between the price you saw and when your bid registered due to the volume of clicks, and it wasnt auto stopping the auctions at RRP as it was supposed to. one wheel went for nearly $1000 above rrp, that's 100 bids more than when the auction should have auto stopped.

I mentioned this on the Fanatec facebook page assuming Fanatec would do something to fix this (given about 12 of the first lot went for above RRP so their was clearly an issue) - and was told to contact the webshop.

So i did, this is their exact response to me, a winning bidder that won at much higher than RRP against the conditions they themselves set:

"thank you for your message
This was an auction, every one can place a bid, as hight as he wants. The highest bid win.
We can cancel this order, you are welcome to buy the base in our online store.
Thank you for understanding"

I have been a long term customer and never been to upset by the multiple returns required to keep my multiple wheels going over the years as ultimately the products fit the niche i want. But i must admit i was surprised by this response - really does reinforce a bit for me the increasingly poor customer service reputation the company is getting.

If we do the math for the second auction last night (we can ignore the first auction last night before it was restarted as most of those wheels went for well above RRP), we see that 10 weeks went for less than $1500, and a total of 17 went all up the we can estimate the whole exersise of the Auction has "cost" Fanatec no more than $2000, not much more than the price of giving away one wheel.

This is not really a "fantastic auction opportunity" and certainly would test the boundaries of false and misleading advertising. I know they don't need to do anything, and in my view as a loser in this that would have been a better idea.

So my response will be to walk away from Fanatec as a customer. Well done Fanatec, your bid bots worked too well!

So Other markets of the world - don't get excited by the auctions when it comes to you, you are in for a big disappointment.
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Feb 13, 2016
Why would you buy more of their stuff if you've head heaps of bad experience with them? Just buy a simucube based OSW man...


Jun 1, 2016
Was instantly turned off by the auction announcement at the press conference. This only solidifies my inital feelings. It's only done harm to their brand as far as I'm concerned. As someone who owns a business, this is not something I'd want my company to be a part of, at all. There are better ways of capturing the audience without taking them for complete fools.
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Jan 24, 2018
bit **** it didn't stop like they said it would but meh you don't have to buy it. I don't know what people expected, it was clear from early on that no one would be getting them "cheap". I got one for $150 under rrp so happy with ~10% off for something I was going to buy anyway.


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May 8, 2018
@bootrossx2 I'm sorry that you were unsatisfied with the response from the webshop, I'll try to offer a little more detail. Unfortunately some of the early auctions ended with erroneous higher-than-MSRP values, so naturally these are not valid. But nothing prevented people from bidding all the way to the MSRP, if they wished to do so. Of course it doesn't make sense to do this, but it happened, perhaps as a result of the latency between the rate of bidding and the time the current value was updated on your screen. That is unfortunate, but it is the nature of this style of auction. Once we resolved the overbidding issues at the beginning of the process and reset the system, the auctions ran as intended, and in the end there were 20 auctions that ended below the MSRP, including 10 that ended below 1500 AUD.

The auctions were monitored carefully, there were no 'bid bots'.
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Jun 1, 2016
I guess I should clarify that initially I was turned off by the auction announcement. Once details came to light that you could not bid over the MSRP, that got me more on the 'I don't mind but I don't really care" side rather than just shaking my head at it.

Here's hoping that whatever the issue was, it gets resolved in the aftermath and people end up with the result they were expecting, as per instruction prior to going live.


Aug 18, 2018
I'm not exactly sure how this system works, but if it was at MSRP or close to it, or more than you wanted to spend, why keep bidding?