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Ideas for hardware dashboard

Hello dear sim racers.
Recently I got into sim racing, mostly Dirt Rally and Gran Turismo Sport (and flirting with Project Cars 2).
As I`m a developer and have some electrical knowledge, I started building first software dashboard for DR2 Then continued on developing hardware dashboard that is compatible with SimHub, which means it supports all the games SimHub Does.

Here`s what I`ve done so far:

Software dashboard:


Hardware dashboard had several iterations:





I`m also working on other designs, but would like to hear your input.
Obviously every single digit and led can be configured separately in SimHib.
Since it didn`t cost me much to build those (as I designed the PCB`s for it), I`d give it for free to those with interesting designs (when I finish them).
BTW, case is 3D printed so it can have different shapes/colors.

What would you like to see/have on a dashboard in you racing game of choice?

Any comment is appreciated.

Thank you!
I would like a gear indicator that is fixed to my point of view using VR. I suppose it can be done, since the Oculus Tray tool overlay works that way, but nobody has ever made something like that for sim-racing data.