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Ideal PC Specification for 30+ cars

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Andrew Harper, May 18, 2015.

  1. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper


    Looking at getting a PC soon (nearly there on the savings side!)

    For those of you that have had some time with the game can you tell me what graphics cards and CPU's you're running to get smooth playback with 30 odd cars on track?

    I would imagine the biggest strain on system resources is when it starts to rain.

    I will be getting an i7 and it will be an nVidia graphics card.

    I'm still not sure yet about which form factor route to go. I do a fair amount of graphics and design work and basically have no real deskspace to work from at home (usually ends up being the dining table!)

    So it could be a 980M equipped laptop of maybe one of the Aorus models.

    I did find a nice video on YouTube showing 18 cars in the rain on a 980M (Alienware I think it was) and it looked pretty smooth. Which if I'm honest did surprise me.

    I have looked at some excellent setups from Scan and Chillblast but there is feeling of having to move it from room to room all the time might really get on my nerves! haha.

    Maybe I should ask this question after you've done your WEC race this week? :D

    I suppose in 12 months time I could get a desktop purely for gaming use as well but would value your opinions. Thanks in advance :)
  2. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Premium

    • Intel i5 4670 @ 3,6 Ghz
    • GTX 970
    • High settings
    FPS go down to 60 during a thunderstorm at night, but usually it runs around 90-110 FPS

    The mobility video card will definitely be a bottleneck. Have you looked into external video cards, e.g. this solution?

    Btw: For your future desktop PC there is no need for an i7, you can just use a Xeon CPU since you don't need the onboard graphics.
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  3. Majnu


    My specs are in the video description but I get around 60FPS at 1080p however using SLI GTX670's 2GB I can't max out the game (again my settings are shown in the video)

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  4. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Thanks guys, really helpful :thumbsup:

    I found some good videos but none that really answered the question I raised above.

    Yeah I've seen the external video card units, I think the other model I saw was MSI have just released one as well. Clever idea and like you say bypasses the whole issue of thermal heat and bottlenecks.

    Thanks for the video @Majnu really helpful as well. I know it's Spa but that is some serious rain! :laugh:
  5. Lancey


    Hi. My computer specs are
    I7 2600 cpu
    Gtx 760 Gpu
    16gig ram
    240 SSD
    1TB HDD
    27 monitor
    I am getting around 370fps in the menu but when I start racing I only get between 37 - 59fps. I have most visual setting set to low. Is there anything I can do to improve low fps settings. Thanks to all
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