[IDEA] Live View

Hi all,

I would suggest to install on our rF server one of the live view available for rFactor to follow our buddies from outside :)

here below a snapshot of rFactorMonitor, generally 0.13-0.14kb of network bandwidth is occupied per car per second (as stated in its description)

what do you think about ?


Ramon van Rijn

RaceDepartment Co-Founder
Live view for rFactor is not going to happen, sorry.

We have tested it in the past and within one week our race server was compromised (security issues). It uses webserver components which needs an almost daily maintenance to prevent it from hacking. Since we run this (RD) on free time and we all hate to do maintenance day in day out, we have to skip such features.

Hope you understand.
there are at least three different live view plug in, probably one of them would run fine
anyway I understand your position, it has no sense to keep controllng a sw that gives potentially problems ..
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