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I want to see them real...

Hello Buddies,
did you ever wished to see the racing tracks we virtual drive on in reality? So do I.
For all those who do not have the money to travel, like me... i found a solution you would probably never heard before... ;-) ... called Google Street View...

So... i want to start a thread where everybody could post a Googlestreetviewlink to give the others the opportunity to "walk and view" the real track.

For those who realy didn`t heard of Googlestreetview before. Just klick on the links. After beeing on the track, just klick on the track in that direction you want to walk. Hold left mouse button while moving the mouse lets you look around. Use mousewheel for Zoom In/Out.

Here we go...

1. Autodromo Yahuarcocha Jose Tobar Tobar, Ibarra, Ecuador.

2. Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia.
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