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Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Tomas Torasen, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Tomas Torasen

    Tomas Torasen

    But.. I work alot of mixed hours and can say for pretty sure that I wont be able to attend every single event. I cant even say if I can participate in every other one.

    Are there teams with several people or how do you organize it?

    I'm half swedish/norwegian. So are there any swedish or norwegian teams where I perhaps could be like an alternate?

    I like racing alot but just being able to participate in practice servers where you run these asr cars would be sufficiantly satisfying for me many times. Have a little lap time competition for fun in half an hour or something perhaps.

    I ask also because I'm quite new to rFactor, but did alot of sim racing in various titles before so I get up to par quite quickly. But I noticed the online side of rFactor seems almost dead. There are many locked servers so when I'm looking for some online casual fun I find nothing that suits my taste any time I try to find an interesting server. If I find one where there is one single person on it, it's the best case it seems.

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  2. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
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    Hi Tomas,

    Sorry I completely forgot to reply to you :D oops

    We don't run a team based championship, its all individual based, but that doesn't stop you from partnering up with someone, using the same skin and sharing your setups, you can if you like but we are a very open bunch anyway so sharing setups is fairly commonplace around here :)

    Regards you being unable to confirm that you'd be available for all races of a season I don't think that's much of a problem to be honest, there's always room for driver's on race night so if you'd like to sign up and participate in the one's your able to that's fine as long as your safe on track when you do race :)

    Practise server will be up hosting ASR and tracks from our season so you can practise when you like, the server is used by a number of driver's while practiseing for the upcoming tracks but due to diffrent time zones its hard to get everyone together at roughly the same time's, usually 3-4 can be found around 8-10pm UK time during season.

    Hope your having fun with Rfactor2 :)
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