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GTR2 I want idiot AI.

I bought GTR2 for 3+ years, GTR2 still frustrating to me today.
I improved my skills in these years, but still feel very hard to win the first place when playing with AI.
AI are so professional and errorless in GTR2 even I set the strength to 75%.

Anybody how to make AI stupid or more human-like?
I think I will have more fun if AI make more mistakes (collision with other AI or spin out of track).

Thank you~


It was already difficult to create a good AI ( Von Dutch Tutorial was done for that ) ... maybe you should try to find it, if you haven't it ... even though I think a copy of a part of it was uploaded somewhere here at RD ...... and use it in the wrong way to create the contrary of what it was meant for.

Mostly know how to make better ... might guide you to do the contrary. :D

I don't drive GTR2 much ( as I'm more busy working on it and driving online with AC ) .... but did you try to modifify the AI agressivity in the options you have when launching a race weekend ? ...My game is in french and there are 3 possibilities: Real - Choleric or Psychotic.
I don't know if it only makes a difference between AI and your car or if it's also acting AI with AI ... but worth a try anyway.


Hm, my first reaction is if you find them too difficult on the lowest AI strength, practice! :) I say this in a friendly way, I believe you'll have much more enjoyable racing if you are able to improve yourself.

That said, maybe you're racing with a controller or have some other restriction.

So, you can go into your UserData PLR file (under the GTR2 folder) and lower a few parameters like:

AI Corner Grip
AI Brake Power
AI Brake Grip

I don't know if it will make them make more errors but it will slow them down even more.

Actually, set them something MORE THAN 1.0 and I think they do start making errors (because for example they think they have more brakes than they do) but I recommend playing with less than 1.0 first and then try more than 1.0.
I have found "Von Dutch AI mod and tutorial 2018-10-22" at RD:
Thanks for your information! I will read and try.

Tonight I pick a track (Laguna Seca) that I familiar with, and try set the realism to Novice, AI Strength to 80%, Aggression to Timid, then I win the first place easily (I am surprised!).
Note: It's only 5min race in Race Weekend. My car was Murcielago R-GT, my best lap time was 1:33, Average speed was 134.60. I am not fast, but enough to win.

I am racing with G27, sorry for my poor skill although I already improved it. You are right~ I need more practice (I hope I can win the first place in simulation mode, haha~). I always feel that you are nice and friendly, and thanks for this suggestion.

I tried to modify the parameters you mentioned (AI Corner Grip, AI Brake Power, and AI Brake Grip), and something funny happened. I had evil smile while seeing AI rolled or spin out of track although I still not got the first place.