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I really like this edition! I have more fund with this than Dirt.

Discussion in 'WRC 6 The Game' started by redsox78, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. redsox78


    First post here ever, in a hope the cool community supports this game a little. It's fun! I have played dirt a lot, but I find the latest WRC much more fun, especially as a fan of the WRC. It is far from perfect, with silly problems, and I would guess not great if you have a mega wheel setup and want a perfect simulation. But, to me it is a lot of FUN. The best things are the great atmosphere and, for me (on a controller) the stages. They might not be in general as graphically good as Dirt, but they feel like distinct geographical locations and it feels like a world rally game. If you can find it cheap try it, if a hardcore Dirt fan it might not be sim enough, but with a controller it is challenging, and I find it addictive. With some mods, or patches it could be very good. If DIRT is Pro Evolution, this is FIFA ;)

    I posted my thoughts here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/458770/discussions/0/341537671987884508/ but they were:

    I have played a lot of Dirt Rally, and all the old McRae games, and the other WRC's. The only games I liked in the past were the codemasters ones (I found the WRC games awful), but I am really happy with WRC 6! It is FUN with a controller using the external view (I'm not using a wheel), it feels like the WRC (I like the range of countries and how each feels like a different place). To me it feels like the old CMR games; the same kind of handling, which means you can push but also make mistakes. I think the damage model is good - you can mess up stages because of damage, the car models are excellent.

    Here is what I think could be improved, and then this would be a very good 'simcade' rally game:

    1. Reduce the fog when it is raining/snowing! Or, have it sometimes very foggy, sometimes not. The rain effects are not great, and not nearly as good as Dirt, but if the fog was just a little less, it would be a lot better. Actually, there could be two different environmental conditions; foggy and non foggy (with or without rain). To be fair, the cars look cool in the rain :)
    2. Make the AI results more random, and reflect the SS stage (when someone visually beats you it should reflect in the times!).
    3. Make the first behind/external camera move in the other direction on jumps. When you jump it moves towards the top of the car (angles upwards) but it would be better if it angles in the other direction.
    4. Less cartoon like dirt on the windshield (in cockpit view), and more subtle glass damage (not the big thick lines!).
    5. for the future...an animation when changing tyres on a stage :). Linked to this, it might be my driving style, but I am sure I get a lot of burst tyres :)
    6 Option to have the damage meter on the corner of the screen. I mean the meter that is visible when paused, particularly the tyre wear gauge.
    7. Better pace notes, or at least, better voice acting, especially the weird shout of 'long'.
    8. A few more stages, maybe one or additional unique at least for each country ;) this is a bit unfair...there is a lot of stages already.

    I know everyone likes to say the WRC games are rubbish, but IMHO there is a good core game here, and right now it is a lot of fun and atmospheric.

    Oh, one tip, I found the pacenotes much better if moved to 'far ahead' and the main direction setting NOT set to descriptive (make the rest descriptive/advanced). It's not as realistic, but you don't get the inconsistent "left 8...7" stuff and everything over a '6' is described as 'flat'.
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  2. MikieC


    Nice and optomistic. I share similar thoughts AND use a Thrustmaster TX wheel and SQ shifter. I need to have a good "wheel feel" to enjoy a game, and This just barely makes the cut. It's a change from Dirt Rally, Which is Awesome by the way.

    Like you said Far from perfect.
    (maybe I'm just waiting for some more DR stages, etc :) hahaha