I need to fill some screens.....


Hi there, I used to game with 2 screens, one for gaming, one for browsing or whatever, recently ive been racing more and more, and have been using http://www.simracing-tools.de/simtools/ for lap times, sector times, etc.

However in my eagerness to make my experience that bit more fullfilling, i bought a 27" 144hz screen. this leaves me with a spare 22" 1080 and a 22" 1680x1050. obviously i am not going for the tri screen setup, I was mightily tempted, but the cost and gpu performance issues were the deciding factor. from 22 to 27 this screen seems huge anyway, so i think i chose wisely. However, I dont know what to do with my 1680 screen. I also happen to have a spare computer with a decent-ish chip sitting in it unused.

Is there anything else i am missing that would enhance my experience? I've also got dash meter pro for ac/pcars but thats running on a tiny smartphone, unfortunately i couldnt get it to work on my kindle... bloody amazon!

So any suggestions for this extra screen? or should i bin it and add to my carbon fingerprint?

Cheers in advance. Al


What is your pc specs? Mainly cpu & gfx card?

Reason I'm asking is that Assetto Corsa can be made to run over 3 screens of different sizes. Takes a little bit of tweaking, but it's worth it when it is set up.

Plus if you played any DirectX 9 based sims you could also use SoftTH to run the game over your 3 screens.
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