I need to contact Sector3 Studios Support, but I'm not able to do so through their forums.

Óscar Melero

May 7, 2014
Recently, a message appeared in the forum for me:

Attempts to send emails to foxtochop@gmail.com have failed. Please update your email.
Update your contact details

I log in the forum through my actual Steam account. So the forum account hasn't got an actual password. When I click "Update your contact details" it sends me to a page that says

"You haven't got a password yet. To update your email we need to email a password to you first, it will be emailed to foxtochop@gmail.com"

I don't have access to that email account now. That's why the Sector3's attempts to email me are failing.

So I can't update my password and I can't change my email. I can't post a thread there to describe my problem nor send a private message to a Sector3 member.

If anyone at Sector3 that is reading this could help me solve this problem, it will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Ross Garland

Sep 28, 2009
You could make a new account on their forum using a working email address, which would allow you to post your problem there. You can also access the helpdesk from any email address since you have to type it in. It's not linked to your account.

RaceRoom Helpdesk
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