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Hello racedepartment! I have started playing f1 2013 last month and i have it on the ps3 , i started career mode with toro rosso and i played 3 races ( australia , Malaysia and china ) and i sucked ass at all , first in Qualifying i always have bad times , even with setups on , im always 20th or 22nd , and when i start the race , i dive into 10th to 5th position on the first turn but when i try to continue , the rest of the pack behind me overtakes me , so i decided to quit mt career with toro rosso and i went back to young drivers test to unlock force india and williams , i picked force india and started a career in melbourne , in the free practise session , my times were great i got 3rd fastest behind vettel and rosberg and i felt good , when qualifying came, my luck was gone , i dont know how or why but my times with the force india ( a generally fast car) went down , i ended up getting backmarker times , like 19th! Can any help me or explain or give me tips on how to become a better driver ! Thanks! :) btw i ran a setup for the force india aswell.
Just as a disclaimer, I'm not the best, but I'd like to think I am pretty good. Not Noble 2909 standard but not a million miles away. If it means anything, I am about a second a lap quicker than Legend AI with a Sauber (I use that car in a league so it's all I race with atm).

First of all, there is no substitute for putting the time and effort in with practice. Lots of practice. There is no magic formula, no magic fix that will cut seconds off your time overnight. It'll be a gradual process. It took me a while to get a feel for even this edition of the game compared to last years, but I put the time in and it pays off.

Secondly, there are a number of very fast guys on YouTube. It wouldn't do any harm to watch some of them and see what you can learn. I do it myself and every time I feel I have learned something (usually "how the hell can they brake so late!" :whistling:).

Finally, if it's possible, upload some footage of your driving and see what people here think you can improve on. That way we can give some specific advice to you :)

Hope that helps, sorry that I can't really give much more than that right now.
I'm having same issue , practise a full weekend, g27 ,ps3, only at moment running melbourne in a caterham in career mode, I done complete career mode except the final 2 lap thing, can't beat the time.

Will go back to training to improve, but the auto save is frustrating on ps3.

Someone advised playing in full legend mode? And I would improve?

At moment I can't get by q3 at amature mode!,