I made a leaderboard for Pole Position 2 on the SNES.

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    If you're already keen on Pole Position 2 and emulators, here's the leaderboard. If not, keep reading!

    This should get you pumped up to experience the 1993 Formula 1 season like you never have;

    Coming in October 1993, get ready to experience the high octane, high revving excitement that only the thrilling world of Formula 1 can bring you. Now you can experience what it's like to rocket yourself up Eau Rouge, drive through the streets of Monaco, and experience the adrenaline of speeding through Silverstone. Drive every track from the 1993 calendar. Compete with your friends in head to head, set blistering laps in practice, or put yourself in the driver's seat for the career mode.

    Drive as Prost, Hill, Andretti, Schumacher, Hakkinen and more. With 16 bits to help you conquer the World Driver's Championship you'll feel like you're in the driver's seat!

    Okay so with that out the way, let's do this, let's make this happen. Mouse and keyboard, or controller. All you need is ZSNES, or any other SNES emulator, and the ROM, which I don't think I'm allowed to link to since it's copyrighted. But it's out there and easily accessible, trust me.

    Don't know how to set up ZSNES? Follow along; https://streamable.com/52q0b

    Download, install, then first thing I'm doing is setting the resolution, for fullscreen, which to experience this action, you want full screen. Scroll down on the list of resolutions to "custom" and I picked "DR F", no relation to Mr. F. D means "Allow filters", so it does some filtering to make the pixels look less jagged, R means "keep 8:7 aspect ratio", so we have the original experience, and F means full screen. Select "Custom D W" or "Custom W" for Windowed. After that, punch in your resolution, hit the "Set" button next to custom, then hit "Set" up top. ZSNES has minimize, fullscreen, and close buttons in the upper left, too.

    Oh yeah I had two open? Don't do that. And don't forget to adjust your sound, either. It may end up VERY VERY VERY LOUD WHEN YOU . Just go into the options and hit sound, there's a slider.

    As you can see, controller set up is a breeze, though look at an SNES controller! B and A and Y and X are backward compared to what they are on an XBox controller. File, open to open a ROM, and direct yourself to your own folder directory. I just keep my ROMs in the root folder, and my emulators on an external drive.

    Onto the game!

    One important thing about this game is "Steer Types", there are four of them, and they behave differently. You can also set up how "Easy" or "Heavy" it is, more on that later. Let's check out the steering types first. With all of them, there's a white arrow under the car which indicates where your steeling wheel is pointing. How that arrow behaves is based on your steering type.

    Type 1: https://streamable.com/5qo2b

    Type 1 has *zero* correction until you change it back. So if you hold left, your steering moves left until you stop holding it, and doesn't spring back. You have to manually move it back to center. This makes it difficult to keep the car straight and I suck at it.

    Type 2: https://streamable.com/yi17b

    Type 2 has some spring on the steering when you release it. You'll hold it, it will go far left or far right, then adjust back in about a third of the way by itself. So it has some correction, but only in the extremes.

    Type 3: https://streamable.com/nrkqw

    This is the easiest one, it springs to center automatically. Ahhh, nice.

    Type 4: https://streamable.com/x4ws6

    This seems to be a bit like type two, but you have to put more steering angle in before it corrects. It's also difficult.

    Remember easy and heavy steering modes? That's how quickly the steering moves. That's it.

    All inputs and versions are accepted. Your phone, another SNES emulator, an actual SNES. Other? Maybe you made a SNES emulator in Minecraft? I don't know. It's all fine. Controllers are good, wanna set it up with your wheel? Go ahead. Play with a keyboard, use phone inputs.

    Here's the spreadsheet link. Let me know if you have times you'd like to add or any questions about ZSNES. Obviously I'm expecting a screenshot of proof. You can map a screenshot button in ZSNES. In the menu, go to Misc. in the upper right, then hit Misc. Keys. Map "snapshot" to whatever you want.

    Also no stitching laps together with save states! All laps must be completed without save states. You can load a save state right before the start finish line, but not in the middle of the lap.

    If you have any questions about anything, let me know!