I"m making a high details car skin serries..



for online use with a group.. and would like to customise each car a little more then the normal templetes allows I have been able to find out the names of the files I need to replace the graphics for .. the problems is that once I place the replacementr DDS files intot eh car skin folder its becomes a blanket replacement on all holdens or ford... for instance I put darkened taillight lenses in my folder there are all darkened...

Samer goes for dash units etc. is there a way to rename the files? or make only my car havethe changed DDS file.

I notice while looking for and anser for this that there is a simular tyre dds issue..


Apr 14, 2009
Same issue with the Tyres and all the other parts.

There are only a limited number of intechangeable textures. These are noted as they have been mapped on the cars in the VEH file for each team, at the top of the file.

Be carefull though.. some textures in the templates revert to being used at certain LOD distances, so you may need to adjust the graphics on the template also.