I like my track.... BACKWARDS?!

Alex Kyriak

I've just driven 5 laps backwards round a fictional track I've been meticulously building for the last month..... ... and I think I might prefer it..... :eek: Has this ever happened to anyone else?!


HI, I always make a normal and a "reverse version", thus the hard work transforms in 2 tracks!!!! , so....it s up to you!!


Alex Kyriak

I guess it's just the novelty of it. It seems 'new' when compared to the track that you've been testing over and over. But a couple of the ideas for the track flow seem to work better in reverse. Now I'm caught between the two... damn this BTB addiction :wink:


So, for RBR tracks - if I reverse the centerline, does btb also reverse my pacenotes, or I'll have to set them again? I just don't have time to check it now...
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