I have got a new machine....so which version will work


I got a new laptop, to use until I can figure out what to do with the old Dell. It has: Windows 7, Intel GMA 4500M graphics, 250GB HDD, 3G`s of memory. And a 15.6 LCD screen. Basically I got what I could afford to surf and hopefully play Racer.

I don`t know which version will work, and instead of downloading all of the versions, can anyone give a nod to one that will work.


The latest version (0.8.12) probably has the best compatibility, you'll likely need to run racer_nocg.exe though.


Thanks for all your input. And the link LuThoBu-it verified what I thought. The weird thing is, to most-my new laptop is cheap-but didn`t feel that way...... :)
I couldn`t find a laptop that had the specs better than this one-but I was at Wal-Mart-lol!
And the 0.8.12 no_cg version will run....it beats
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