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I have a question about adding "weight"



I am in a league where there is weight added to your car depending on how you did the week before. I am new to this so I wasn't sure what it really meant. After asking it's simple, they actually add weight to your car! haha

So after thinking about this I was wondering how this works and what other things can be changed about the car to effect the time you might get on a track. This leads me to wonder if in fact if you can add what keeps someone from subtracting variables and things that would help performance? Not that any would do this in the league I am in, they are all stand up guys. But I am curious about this regarding any multiplayer functions, if I can go online and race in a car w/ more/less weight what is keeping others from modding their car and taking advantage of it?

Hopefully I am totally wrong and this is not possible. I would hope not, otherwise it makes you wonder.

Bob Miley

Sep 14, 2008
I don`t think this is possible as the server hosting the race would recognise the altered file and report the mismatch by booting you.

The alteration to weight must have to be on the server to allow you to join, at least that is how things worked on M3 challenge, were a server could be set up to run a handicap race were you had to race in the same car each time and this recorded your progress.

Maybe an expert could confirm this.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Staff member
Sep 4, 2007
would the weight not be added by the server after you enter. therfore negating the possibilty of missmatches and giving the race controller/admin overall power over it.

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