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i do not want to buy it...

...i know wtcc 2013 is available but i have no interest in it :) since i actually start this game often i often get the popup to buy it. I'm no free player, so please no advertising or atleast a "don't show this advertising again".

Edit : Problem solved -> spacebar instead mouseclick after loading-screen
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it's appears after the loading screens, mostly i get adacgtm13 or dtm14 as a loading screen, but as soon everything loaded, the menu appears and before i can press something, this annoying popup appears from below (which even takes some time to load)...and it's always the same -> wtcc 2013.
ok , thats because when the game says "press any key to continue "it registers a double click from your mouse .... , and what is happening is its loading up a store page / try this ; if you use the mouse make sure its not at the bottom of the screen / or press the space bar or any key to get past the front page

If not mistaken the middle of the page (the image) is a link to the store. If you press space on the keyboard you should just forward to the next screen. Or clicking your mouse at the bottom of the screen should also forward you into the game.

The loading screens are used for highlighting new and old releases, nothing that can or will be done about that at the moment as the system cannot determine (yet) what you have or do not have at the moment.
ok, thx for clarification.... i just restarted r3e 3 times, 3 times different loading screens, dtm14,gtm13 and wtcc13...dtm14 and gtm13 there is no "hidden button-box", but the wtcc-2013 does indeed have one in the middle-right of the screen (you can see it when it hovers the mouse btw)...

well, ok.:) spacebar in future