i cant race on servers as i get kicked off :( !


Hayden Walker

i have been in a couple of races and everytime i join the host kicks me as my internet lags bad so they say.but when i put my wired in everyone on the track lags at my end.when im on wireless it's fine for me no lag but people see me lagging.

i have installed the wlan optimiser and i have windows vista

there's no point in having a log in here as everytime i sign up for a race i get kicked off and get asked to leave as i will waste everyone's race but it also wasting my race aswelll !

i have virgin media 10 meg broadband and a netgear wgr615 router 56mbps

Hayden Walker

If its wired I don't understand how other people are lagging.

When using WLAN optimizer do this:

Start button>In the search bar type "cmd" and press enter > Now in command prompt type "ping www.google.co.uk /t".

Watch it for a few minutes. Are there any unusually high ping responses?


That is how it should look like ^ Very little variation in response times.
it isn't like that im getting it pinging at as high as 236ms :(