I can't put this title down...


Stephen White


I have an iracing subscription, gtr evo w/race on and NFS shift and all I am playing is this title...warts and all.

I finally have my g27 sorted out and what settings to play with to get past bugs.

BTW, here they are:

legendary AI
all assists off (except for online allow auto trans and auto pit stuff)
turn on then back off ABS during an out lap often (its a bug you are dealing with)
Turn damage off
Put flags to reduced
keep tire sim on
keep fuel loads on

Play custom games online with the above sets...(practice otherwise)

My g27 settings finalized after hour and hours and hours of testing:

profile 100% effects everything else zero...270 degrees.

in game:

steer dead zone 0
lin 70
sat 100

FB on
effect 0
FB 40
weight 50

Have not played another game or even slept much in days...


Feb 22, 2009
Hi Stephen where do I change ai, turn damage off change tyre on/off etc. Where is this menu in the PC game.

Sorry for sounding like a knob!"!!!!!