I can't get any faster

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I don't know if this will help. In TT at Silverstone I just could not beat my own ghost. Not improving at all, no matter how I fiddled with the setup for the car. I noticed an online friend had posted 1.4.xx secs faster than me using the default setup and like me no assists.

So I raced his ghost, used the default setup and waited to see where I was losing time compared to him, figuring it was probably the way I was taking some turns that accounted for my loss of time, rather than my setup.

To my surprise, I was about 1.2 secs ahead of him all the way up to the Brooklands, Luffield Woodcote corner. From then on I was at least 1.2 secs behind him.

After about 10 minutes changing my approach to that turn, and then a slight adjustment to front toe, I immediately gained 0.8.xx secs. So now I can see where else I can gain. So my tip is, pick a ghost over a second faster than you and using the default setup. At least then you will know which parts of your lap can be improved by your approach, rather than the setup.
I will try write down some important things that helped me a lot, even I was 10-times like "I dont know how to improove, its difficult..." but after a "while" of playing I ALWAYS find another thing that really improoved my performance.

  • Listen to the engine. No wheel spin, no max rev at all ! You will probably saving fuel, tyres, better traction and reach better topspeed. Never let your engine "scream".
  • Perform "short shifting" at least on 2-4(5) gear. Notice, that real f1 drivers almost never exceed 11-12 rpm out of 15 000 (but im afraid that there are 18 000 in game at max, not sure). I gain near 1 second in Melbourne.
  • Use Lean mix in low-grip sections to use the power more effectively (sectors/corners, where low gears are needed). Then you can switch to Normal/Rich. For example - last 2 corners in Melbourne, or the Clark Chicane in 2. sector.
  • TIP : Define (for Yourself) some "checkpoints" where you will watch your speed after exiting corner. If you will mix all these poins, you can gain a great exit speed.
  • You can use manual gear box to select the optimal gear for specific corner
  • Turn off the green line. I was afraid off that...and I felt slow...but I was supprised with cleaner driving and better exit speeds (probably, start to NOT brake so late and not hitting kurbs to much)
  • Try to understand, what set up drivers performs in real live to a specific track. At least : Aerodynamics demands (low/high), more fast corner/slow corners, track width, traction demand, etc. Try also pay attention to critical part of track.
This would be enough yet.
But Im big fun of real F1 so Im not sure if all these techiques (especially setups) will have the same effect in game. Of course, you can use some crazy setups and give really HOT lap (like few seconds better then real track record), but Im trying to have the most possible realistic experience in game :)
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