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I bought it, I don't have it.Now I Do :)

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
Thanks for clearing that up. Got me scared :D

Then you know where you should have ordered it :) Same price plus extra free content and delivered in your inbox on the fly (kinda). :p

Hope somebody reads your posts so it can be solved

Andreas Knöpke

Let's drive side by side!
and please check your spam folder if you havent already.

My buddy has a key store and I regularly help him with eBay shizzle.
You wouldn't believe how many people per day complain about not having received their keys but they never bother to check their spam folders. :mad:
Huh what?

I merely suggested a possible solution, wouldn't be the first time it ended up in the spam folder......

Didn't suggest that you or anyone else is an idiot, that makes no sense what so ever.... :(

In the meantime i have forwarded this thread to our publisher, who takes care off the DTM shop. Please let me know if anything (or nothing) is happening so i can push a little from my side.

Eck Simpson

Thankyou and sorry Jay, frustration took over after Andreas' post. I've received my code, if you were involved anywhere along the line, I am very grateful to you sir. If I could change the thread title, I would.

no worries about the thread title my man, it was our mistake/error in the first place. You should have gotten your keys nicely and on time as was originally planned.

Good to hear its all solved now!