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I Am Tired of This


I'm sure AI could do a fair job with some effort, but what about a co-op like option where a crew interface allows a driver to have another human monitor and manage everything for them or any other drivers in the team. I like Crew Chief but would prefer a real person if I could have one. We are talking about racing simulation here.
To me pitstops always felt like a necessary evil in racing, so in simracing I am happy to go without them entirely. But if they are required I prefer to have minimal input. Real drivers don't fiddle around with a keyboard in the pitlane, so to me having to adjust my pit strategy on the fly feels cumbersome and less realistic. Just let me drive dammit!!!


Pit strategy is part of the pre-race development and we all know that only 1 out of 10 races goes as planned. I dont really mind fiddling with small adjustments for an hour race but of course a little built in engineering help would be great. What is very sad is for titles like ACC to not give the possibility to team members to adjust the pit strategy during the endurance races

Vettel had to do this driving a real F1 and with a full team, and we can't do it while driving in a sim?

Pit strategy needs to be planned BEFORE the race, while racing you just need to do minor adjustment, due to traffic and fuel saving.

There are a lot of driving games or racing series whit no refuelling, drive something else!
That falls exceptionally flat. I'm willing to bet he wasn't looking at a tiny screen with every available option pushing a bunch of buttons on his wheel which is constantly rotating. There's a big difference between holding the radio button and saying "I need fuel and more softs" and trying to do the arithemtic required to figure out whatever ludicrously poorly designed menu system there is in AC or PC2 or whatever.
lmao the irony of shitting on PC3 for not having pit-stops but you can't even be bothered to do it yourself.
From what I've heard they found most people actively don't really interact with pit stops. Still seems dumb to remove features, but I bet no one actually cares.
Not sure which game it is and not sure if i'm missing something here, but those that don't enjoy the pit-stops can turned it off.
The option to have control over it is good for those who want to do it, so it shouldn't be removed.
It's the act of being required to fiddle with menus so you only fuel up instead of swapping the tires. In reality, the pit chief does that, not the driver. Having the game intelligently determine if you need tires or fuel is not the same as removing it.
I think AC and PC1 I never pitted because I couldn't figure out how the hell the stupid menus worked. I'd just run laps until I got bored, tires went, or fuel went.
GTR2 was awesome, you didn't have to think at all.. just pit... and the game stopped.. allowing you to stop and think about what you needed to do next.
When I was regularly racing r3e in a league I did quite enjoy the pit stop strategy aspect of it. But it requires you to know the menu and interface like your right hand or you'll mess things up. And in raceroom there are no weather shifts to consider etc. In most other Sims I have little faith in my abilities to make a good pitstop and so I also don't enjoy it
It is a pain in the ass. I race mostly in ACC and driving on a straight while lapping drivers, changing gears, configuring tyre pressures adjustments meanwhile I'm mentally calculating how much fuel I would need to add to finish the next stint is an absurd mental overload.

I used to have time to spend hours and hours making setups, understanding what setup changes made every physics engine click, creating excel worksheets, creating very convoluted motec worksheets, analysing data deeply (I enjoy that quite a lot to be honest), making really time consuming tyre life tests under different temperatures..., I used to love that, I got older and sadly I no longer have time for all that. And no longer do I want to do all that massive amount of work just to do a 3 hour race with a setup that I like and a strategy that will work fine.
Nowadays I no longer can afford to be race car driver, telemetrist, strategy engineer and setup engineer all that at the same time and what is worse: without proper tools/data. It is also insulting to have online races in where 1 or 2 team mates are just watching the race and making some calculations only to at the end of the stint have to let the driver do all the configuration work by himself risking a crash while multitasking over 250km/h.
Agreed ^^^

If I am going to free up 2-3 hours to sit down to do a proper endurance race, I typically will have to spend an additional hour (or more) hunting down previous strategies and pitstop parameters to plug in. Add in changing weather (which I like) and it is darn near impossible to "pre-determine" the appropriate pit strategies ahead of time. I am not sure that a good AI pit engineer is an easy fix though. In ACC the AI seem to pit on different schedules and are way more conservative on stint time than I am. It makes me wonder if an AI pit crew would call me in faster than I would want to come in. What would happen if I squeezed in another lap? Anyway, changing parameters on the fly leads me into the barriers more often than not and slows me down for sure. I don't even attempt in multiplayer as I don't want my fiddling with air pressures to cause an accident for someone else.

What I have done on a couple of occasions if I have a buddy over while racing, we switch up being the engineer which adds a fun element for the guy whose watching the other drive and then that person drives off on their own settings. It can still be distracting to have the screen pop up, but way less so than having to push buttons and rotate dials at the same time.