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I Am Tired of This

Is planning your own pit-stops still necessary nowadays?

I am just back from a race. It isn’t important to know in which sim exactly, as this problem is a widespread issue among simracing and not present in just one title. I've spun twice during this race, as it has happened other times in similar conditions. Want to know why that happens? Because, I was more focused planning my future pit-stop rather than driving. I had to make 2, per mandatory rules, and I spun twice, one per each. It is pretty obvious, considering that driving competitively requires pretty much all of your focus, and be there thinking and calculating, multiplying and dividing how much fuel you should get aboard, which tires with which levels of pressure, when to enter, etc., is basically a recipe for disaster.

This happening frequently as I said, it got me thinking: is it really necessary? I want to simulate being a racing driver, not an engineer, and while I may understand the thrill of it, if I wanted to play some strategy game, I’d be playing some Total War, Civilization or else, which are all titles I very much enjoy. Even Motorsport Manger is on the table, as an option to mix strategy with motor racing is available nowadays. I don’t want to spend time thinking about stuff that, honestly, doesn’t compete to any racing driver in the world (aside from rare exceptions). As well as a crew chief, I want an engineer taking care of me while racing.

However, how to do so? Well, it is 2020. We are no longer in the early ’00. An AI running in the background, automatically and arithmetically calculating how much fuel I have left, how many stints do I still need to do, which tires would be best to fit on and telling me when to box, while it has taken care of all these details, is something very much doable today, I believe. Of course, it could be optional. Nobody needs to have it forcibly on if he/she really doesn’t want to, but the option should be there. Again, it’s 2020. I want to focus on driving, modern PCs (and consoles) have more than enough juice to run such an AI taking care of this stuff for me while I drive. Yes, it might make a mistake, ruin my race, but after all isn’t this what happens in real races too? It’s part of the game. For sure it will be better, however, than having to do something that I shouldn’t really be doing, as far as a simulation of being a racing driver is concerned. Most likely instead, it will do better than me in pretty much every case and scenario.

Simracing has made incredible jumps forwards in physics, graphics and sounds, but an aspect like this of the simulation is still anchored to the very origins of the genre. I think that it is time to change.

I would very much like to hear our readers thoughts about the subject, however, as I think it could make for an engaging conversation. Let us know what you think!

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Aug 21, 2017

Vettel had to do this driving a real F1 and with a full team, and we can't do it while driving in a sim?

Pit strategy needs to be planned BEFORE the race, while racing you just need to do minor adjustment, due to traffic and fuel saving.

There are a lot of driving games or racing series whit no refuelling, drive something else!


Jan 7, 2017
Modifying a pre-planned pitstop strategy on the fly during a race is a PITA.
I even purchased a small programmable keypad to have better input options, but even then you have to take your attention away from the race to do it of course. More than once I screwed up the corner entry after a long straight because of that. Long live Paul Ricard and the Mistral straight ....

You can shop via Alexa nowadays, why not use voice inputs to make commands to a race engineer that supports you during the race? Heck I would like to see an AI race engineer make suggestions on strategy so that I concentrate on racing.
Allow for team mates to adjust your strategy on driver swap events (not possible in ACC).

Racing and engineering at the same time is stressful and tiring.
Oct 7, 2015
I tend to stick to shorter sprint races for this reason - but do know a few people who use CriewChief and use the talk function to tell you how much fuel is needed and get it to set that for them at next stop
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Jul 15, 2011
Great topic. Shame on me but where ever possible i let the Game make the pitstops full automatic.

And yes i do not understand why in 2020 i still have to use my calculator in front of my PC (looking at ACC)

Maybe i do not spin during planning pitstop while driving, but for sure i loose few seconds every time

Dr. Death

Aug 22, 2017
The issue isn't planning the pitstop. The issue is that games should take the more realistic approach of just going in and having the rest pre-planned instead of manually selecting what you want to do. No driver picks every pitstop on the fly. Not unless there's a weird change of plans or an emergency.


Jan 20, 2014
For games that support it SimHub has quite a few ways to calculate how long you have left on your current fuel load and how much you need to put in to make it to the end, whilst you still have to scroll the pit menu to whatever level it means you don't have to do the mental calculations yourself. I would think it would be easy enough to make something that predicts good tyre pressures using track temperature too.

I do wish more sims had an option like RaceRoom though where you can select from Safe, Normal and Risky fuel amounts that the game has worked out in the background.
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Will Mazeo

May 25, 2015
I have no problems doing that
I think NR2003 did this automatically, don't remember if tires were included (if it'd suggest to pick only 2 for example) but fuel for sure was set automatically counting the moment you are in the race, so if you dont need full refuel to the end it just gave you the correct amount

If you found this difficult imagine if you raced in my leagues back then that had FCY (GT3) lol... it could mess up with your strategy so bad, but it was too much fun really
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Nov 6, 2020
nah i'd just pit when my tires are fully gone/dead. Or wait until there's a chance to pit (e.g safety car) I dont plan my stops cuz im too lazy lol
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Jun 25, 2009
A similar AI (race engineer) would be great for setups as well. Come into pits, select issues via dialog tree and setup is adjusted accordingly without the need for knowing the difference between an arb and a bump stop and out you go again.


Oct 12, 2019
I love 5-10 laps of fury and then change it up. I get bored once I'm in my groove for too long. It's why Dirt 2.0 is such a change sometimes.
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Dec 6, 2013
Not sure which game it is and not sure if i'm missing something here, but those that don't enjoy the pit-stops can turned it off.
The option to have control over it is good for those who want to do it, so it shouldn't be removed.


RaceDepartment Administrator
Oct 9, 2010
Pre-race it feels natural to plan my pitsstops "together" with my engineer. While racing I completely agree with you, it should be like real life where they adjust the plan for you if required with of course the option to change something you don't like.

The biggest hassle is driving on a constantly changing track where you have to adjust tyre pressures for every stop, especially if it is a track without proper straights.