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I am retiring

Alen Pecanin

Dec 21, 2008
Hi guys, as you may know from the Racedepartment TV Streaming chat, or not, I am retiring. I wont make this post long.

after much ups and downs in my life, and enough problems, even trying solutions that did cause even more problems than it solved, I've had enough.

so now I am retiring. I've had a bad start at the RDTCC, but that doesnt matter. after countless hours and laps on this pc with GTR2 and GTR Evo, both off and online, Im out now. I've almost made 900 hours on Forza2 in under a half year I think, now that time was INSANE.

so after retiring I want to thank you all here at racedepartment, thank you guys for the events, the organizations, the skins that you guys have proveded me with, and the glorious challenges on the track. a big thanks to all admins, moderators and other big guys here with big names, also thanks to the other users again for the awesome challenges on the tarck, I will never forget it, i also still got it on replay. you will have a memory of me at the racedepartment lap record page. Audi R8 Nordschleife endurance lap record.

thank you all!

ps leave questions you got any1, I will answer them, and feel free to comment this :)

my car

Alen Pecanin

Dec 21, 2008
but if you think of that I have been born when the Bosnian/Serbian war started, and my family had to flee, and start all over again. I've always been hanging around in the streets. but the last 3-4 years I've been making progress like 10000% from what I was to what Im now. I am one of the wealthiest and best living kids around here, and I dont want to go back to old times. too much bad things.. sorry if this post sounds so down. but it isnt that easy
Jul 12, 2008
Well, it's your own decision, but imo you should stay - but nobody forces you to stay, neither to enter all competitions and leagues at RD.

But i sincerely hope you'll come on better thoughts.

Pieter Theron

Mar 12, 2009
:lol: please remeber to hit the "Donate" button on your way out....Just kidding...but all joking aside...

I am one of the wealthiest and best living kids around here
I try and live by : What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail

You see once you think of things like don't want to fail, don't want to go back to old times, it will come your way, guaranteed.

Look at the bright side because there are millions of people out there who has it worse. At least we have internet and computers to work on...Some people will never even have the electricity we use to boil water for a very basic cup of tea.

I grew up in the "apartheid" era and believe you me it wasn't fun...so you see... Life is good, enjoy it and leave the worries to other people...

Bert Van Waes

Yeah best of luck mate, don't know you but you seem to be one of the cool guys around here. And respect from me to you and yr family. That must be hard, i have a connection that also had to fled, from Kazachstan to Belgium, years ago. And he became one off the best animators in Europe, by sheer will power.

Don't leave us, is what i would say. Just hop in from time to time. If yr only 17 the world is now ahead off you. Keep yr head fresh and see through cool glasses at it.

For me it was an age off doing stuff were i didn't think wy i would do it, impulsive realy. Think it through, but if you go, keep it up:wink2:

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